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I started this, my first contest, with bundles of excitement but blended with caution - the latter was misplaced. I was blessed with a number of great designers and many strong designs. It was fascinating to see the exercise progress, I enjoyed the dialogue with the designers and their interpretations. One designer - Carlos Afonso - nailed the brief from the outset, but didn't stop, restlessly producing tweaks and tunings over the days - which showed me 2 things about his character. First he was passionate about his designs... certainly not just a "yes" man, he listened hard and quickly acted on my requests but shared his option too. Second was his commitment to deliver an outstanding design that truly wowed me. I'm super satisfied with this guy's approach to his clients and his genuine talent. Great designer, awesome outcome and I'm 100% delighted with 99designs as a vehicle to deliver it. I'll be back! Thanks Carlos!! You rock!

Shout-out to the SPI community (Pat Flynn) and New Business Podcast (Chris Ducker) for bringing 99designs to my ears.

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