Ian Bradley Marshall - The Author who Speaks

I am absolutely delighted with the work undertaken by Armin Braunsberger.

We set ourselves the target of going live by 1 March 2020 and this was achieved two days ahead of target, and we were operational by 2 March 2020. The slight delay was caused by a last minute hitch with my domain provider, and Armin guided me through that process as well.

I have, for some time, wanted to move the website from Platform 5 to Platform 7 and I was impressed by the standards of the tender I received via 99Designs.

I knew, from the outset, that I could and would entrust this important, albeit, small project to Armin Braunsberger GmbH.

What really impressed me was the way in which the Team often picked up things within the various articles and projects sitting within the website, and applied their own creative talent and skills and thereby enhanced the website, and indeed its value and appeal.

I am especially impressed with the re-design of the Logo. This Logo is central to all my work and was the identifying feature of the old website on Platform 5. I gave Armin quite stringent criteria and then, as I always do, stepped back and effectively said, “Okay, over to you, I trust your creative skills!"

The redesigned Logo is testament to this creatve skill and professionalism.

I have no hesitation in recommending Armin Braunsberger GmbH to other clients, and I will most certainly be recommending Armin and his team whenever the opportunity permits.

Website design is a very personal activity; people often hear authors speak about their books as being akin to their own children. They are fiercely protective. The same applies with the owners of websites.

And with this in mind, I am always open to new ideas, the ditching of old practices and so forth, when time has clearly moved us on. Armin and Gloria Braunsberger embraced this and all of us worked together and made this evolution from Platfofm 5 to Platform 7 a very enjoyable and intuitive experience for me. I set high score by this.

I have also considered the private feedback. There is no need for me to complete this. Let me put it in the way I would have put it if addressing those squadrons under my command in my military service or as head of probate and succession in my legal career:

Communication, responsiveness, attitude, attention to detail, skills, creativity - these six heads have all be in play throughout this project. I am well pleased. Excellent.

Ian Bradley Marshall

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