Working with ::scott:: was a great experience. I was concerned, never having sourced a design through a website, about what level of quality I would get. I had provided a fleshed-out brief and a lot of visual imagery, and didn’t want anything cookie-cutter or facile. I am working on a concept that is targeting an un-obvious demographic within a sector burdened by historical assumptions, and so the usual stereotypes wouldn’t work. It was clear that ::scott:: had read/interpreted the information and distilled/edited a wide range of inspirations into a clear design. It was a relief when I saw his initial submission early among the others, because he clearly “got it,” and had the skill to propose a design that would be flexible enough to hold up on various platforms/media and still retain an essential integrity to be recognizable as one brand. As we worked together, he was responsive to my requests, and it was a collaborative process. He had opinions about his choices for the various elements and justifications for those opinions, but was still open to trying and adopting changes. ::scott::’s entries led the pack the entire competition, and I am grateful to have found a designer of his caliber. Clearly he deserves his Platinum rating on this site.

Review by anonymous client

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