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Boris worked tirelessly with our team to achieve a minimalist but modern design to accommodate the complexity of MINSHALL BY NORTON. It is a seminal reference of Noel Norton's photographic work of over 42 years in which the photographer followed the artistic contribution by Peter Minshall, performance artist. The team here in Trinidad is so grateful for Boris' tremendous patience and dedication to support us in the achievement of our goals. Early on in the project Boris grasped the importance of the publication, he produced a clean and powerful layout giving priority to the photographs, he guided us in the use of the fonts and text and stayed with us while we worked through hours of materials and opinions and proposed changes. We are very proud of the final product and wish to thank Boris and his support team including Lea for keeping us on track. We recommend Boris for his ability to undertake complex design projects and many more aspects of design already under his belt including logo design. Its amazing that all of this could happen at a distance and across cultures without ever meeting each other physically.

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