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Design an Elegant & Minimalistic Logo for "JC"

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From AZAK’s (aka Alexander) very FIRST submission, not only did I immediately FALL IN LOVE with his design, but I also BELIEVED MORE in my brand’s / business’ success!

I created my FIRST 99Designs contest with only a rough sense of what I wanted for my brand/logo. AZAK quickly understood my style and vision and brought my logo TO LIFE!

I came across AZAK’s impressive portfolio as I was browsing for designers and decided it wouldn’t hurt to invite him to my contest. By the next morning, he had responded and BLEW ME AWAY with his FIRST submission!

I never would have imagined creating that logo on my own, which he so effortlessly produced overnight! His design was simple, original, minimal, elegant, modest & timeless ALL in one!

The presentation of his work is what really SOLD me on his design. With each and every one of his entries/revisions, he presented an organized collage of my logo in various formats and laid it out over real-life products and imagery.

AZAK is clearly very skilled, organized, and experienced in his line of work. Not only was he very patient and professional, but he was also very insightful and receptive to my feedback.

It was a humbling experience and absolute pleasure to work with you, AZAK! I will definitely be in touch with you in the NEAR future!

Thank you so much again for all your hard work, Alexander! You made me a believer, and I’ve never been more excited to start my business! :)

- JC

Review by J C .

almost 4 years ago

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