We suck at designing! Design the logo for our "Yoga Junkies" fitness brand

Working with AW was a great pleasure of ours! Not only was he professional and polite, but he was very responsive to our messages and design needs. He was one of the first designers to submit an entry for our contest. The first two designs did not fit our brand image as much as we wanted, however, AW did not give up. When we messaged him that we are sorry, but his design does not meet our needs, his response was “I’m sorry sir, I will worker harder on a new design right away”. We had over 70 designers submit work, but AW was one of just a few designers that really made us feel like he was working with us. We say “with” us and not “for” us, because we really asked a lot from him and he was right there every step of the way–this was a real team effort that ended perfectly for us!

AW has been an essential part to our logo building process and we could not have done it without him.

Thank you mate!

Until next time!


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