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I could not ask for anything more. awugraphico did an awesome job. I had 60 designers and 175 submissions. From the first submission, I knew his design was going to be the winner. I received designs after a few hours of my submission. His was a day or so into the contest. Why I find this important is it was not a last minute submission and it was not just something grabbed from stock. The first submission was delivered with a narrative of his concept and symbolism. Any changes were easily communicated. We had a couple very minor issues in the process but far less than would be expected from working with someone on the other side of the planet. Much of our communications were best handled at 5PM to 10PM EST. That is ok as I was busy with other things in the middle of the day and looked forward to this. I had put it off for so long yet enjoyed the selection process so much. I can not provide enough praise to the work, communication, and fast response!

Review by lbradford
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