I wasn't really in love with artsigma's design, but I chose it as the winner because it could at least pass as professional and didn't need too much work, as compared to the other submissions. I asked him if he could work with the wording a little bit to make the design feel more cohesive and to make it so that the lettering was readable for the purposes that we would be using the design as a consulting firm (business cards, reports, powerpoints, etc). Unfortunately, he really wasn't interested in lifting a finger to improve the design and told me that I could do it myself in Illustrator. There were so many other designers that submitted to the contest that put a lot of work into their designs - tweaking them to try to improve them without my even asking anything of them, and I felt bad that their hard work wasn't rewarded. I don't think it was a lot to ask to change the proportion of the wording. I don't recommend working with artsigma unless you absolutely love the first submission of his design.

Review by anonymous client

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