Create a innovation book cover for the apolcyptic book of the Bible - The Book of Revelation

Mr. Cordero is a talented professional. He is a very hard worker. During my contest, he was relentless in his efforts to give me a winning design.

While I worked with a number of talented designers, unlike some, Mr. Cordero has the ability to consistently follow instructions.

In several instances, there were designers who were unwilling or who were incapable of following instructions. This can be frustrating when your looking at a potential winning design; but you can't get the designer to implement the winning changes.

Mr. Cordero was very responsive to my needs. This is very important in a timed contest, where a 4 or 5 hour wait for a designer's respond can sometimes be disheartening.

I would recommend Mr. Cordero services; because he loves his work. He is very knowledgeable; and he enjoys using his talents and abilities to help others.

Review by yhwhyawsha

over 6 years ago

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