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Short and sweet advice:
Skip the contest- go with Razvan if you want a logo that tells your customers what you do with one glance. And leave the colors and style all up to him! Freedom has it’s rewards!

Longer story
My journey:
I spent a month doodling a logo and using free trials on apps to cut the cost. Nothing came from this- So going for generic wasn’t an option. When I begin, I looked at 200 designers, narrowed it to 50, then 20, then 3 who I thought could solve for my goals.
Creative RFP:
I asked for a logo that would appeal and speak to both corporate and non profit decision makers whose relationship would be around fiscal growth. That alone was a tough ask! as these stakeholders self identify on opposite sides of the design spectrum...
My criteria for success: I wanted to see action, opportunity and hope resonate from my logo- and I wanted an urban feel to it.
Our Result:
In less than 12 days, Razvan delivered an uber versatile logo with the EXACT vibe and functionality I asked for! He guided me into colors and concept I had not considered...
My Experience:
Razvan was prompt, curious, reflective, and responsive to my experience from his work we moved thru iterations.
Razvan’s depth of expertise and clear communication made me feel he was as connected and committed to my company as if he were actually a stakeholder in our future success.
I strongly recommend committing to a 1:1 over a competition because there is a real difference between those whose work is creative and those whose work embodies a company's very purpose. Razvan’s work does this- for evidence see his “go beyond” strategy and then look at mine!

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10 months ago

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