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Help me be the next Oprah, the mindful mamacita

What can I say, this person is truly a gem, in terms of talent, skills, motivation, inspiration- a true catalyst. I am partially afraid to give her too good of a review because I plan on working with her for the rest of my life!! No seriously, she came on board, dealt with my back and forth inability to articulate what I wanted, but felt inspired and excited all the way. She has endless ideas in so many styles, and then when she’s done being the most talented human on the planet in terms of design, she humbly mentions that she's actually pretty bad ass at the back end as well. I come from the VC, NY startup word, and have always found it infuriating to work with designers and developers who have skill sets that I don't have, mostly because I always felt like my changes, and creative process was burdensome on them. So much so that I learned to code a little so that I could manage them better -- never would have had to do that if they all worked like Hiroshy. She makes it all look easy. Can’t recommend her enough.

Review by celinabelizan

almost 2 years ago

Invite to work