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I've worked with a lot of designers -- my background was at Ogilvy & Mather NY and Los Angeles -- so I know the ups and downs; I know the quick online promises and the hard realities of someone who becomes uncooperative, I know the art directors who seem wonderful at first but fight you for no reason. . Nothing could be further from the truth with Justyna. First, she's a top notch designer with a terrific style and an excellent feel for typography and layout. Next, she tells you why she likes something but never fails to let you see it your way. Finally, she's a professional -- meaning she focuses on your project and gets it done promptly. I finished mine in three or four days from awarding her the job and we had three or four revisions. I gave her five stars because my fingers would wear out before I said all the good things I could say about working with her.

Review by dougkeeney
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