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The design of Point.0 was one of the first and I liked it immediately. It was exactly that what I has imagined and what I have descripted in my briefing. It was one of over 200 designs of 43 designers.
I just had one little wish to change and Point.0 had a solution prompt.
Then it seemed to be that Point.0 could read my mind:
The right colours, the right mix of font.
Point.0 showed me the design on many different products, so it has been real and life.
And as I thought it was finished Point.0 gave me a better one by adding an obvious important detail. My votingteam and I loved it:
Now the design was perfect. It is a really exceptional design.
Im so happy and proud.
And the other designers like it too: Within a few hours there were over 100 thumbs high.
Thank you very much Point.0 for this beautifull logo!

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