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Involve submitted his design just before the end of our contest. His initial design was the best we had received, so we selected him as the winner with the mutual understanding that the design would need further refinement but since the contest was ending we would go with his entry. "Involve" agreed to provide 30 days of refinements after the contest closed. He also promised he would send fully editable files in case we needed to do any edits ourselves. After the end of the contest, however, he responded to one email and never responded after that. He also didn't provide fully editable files--he provided vector files without fonts, font names, or font information. We were unable to work with the files except to do rudimentary vector level adjustments. He also did not respond to our email requesting the name of the font so we could rebuild the files with the actual editable fonts. Overall, his initial design was good enough to win our contest, but we don't feel we received the finished product that was promised.

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