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If you're looking for a vintage, hand-drawn design, there is simply no one on 99 Designs better than Agi. Go ahead, look around. You'll come to the same conclusion I did.

My re-branding project started very strongly in the direction of a modern, abstract logo. I did all my research, gathered all my top designers, and I knew that I'd get a great, abstract logo out of my Platinum contest. But I couldn't get past the fact that Agi's work was so good. I wrote her, basically begging her to join my contest, even if there were no other vintage designers on the list.

I followed this up with a survey of my customers and associates that made it clear our reputation is built on trust, reliability, longevity, family, a whole host of old-school values. That sort of reputation started making a hand-drawn, vintage logo a much more appealing option. The kicker was when I realized the actual reason I wanted Agi in my contest was, when I was honest about it, I really just wanted her to do my logo! The rest was just noise.

So, 1-on-1 it was. The process was easy and fun—much better than the regular contest I did a few years back—the work was better than I hoped, and the response from anyone I've shown it to is flat-out awe.

Just do it. Just hire her. You'll be glad you did.

Review by John Fowler
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