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It was a pleasure working with Lightning McQueen. He broke away from the pack with a delightful 3-D rendition of all of the design elements I desired, which is a testament to his artistry.

After I chose him as the winner, there were a few more tweaks to the design, as well as a small icon that needed to be designed from scratch (part of the brief). All of the changes were accomplished with an enthusiasm for the job and a dedication to getting the design right for the customer.

Perhaps more importantly, Lightning was a very good communicator, and understood the subtle changes to the winning design that I was after. He grasped the concepts and critiques without a problem, and spoke up to ask questions when something wasn't making sense.

I am very pleased to recommend Mr. McQueen for your next design project. Please feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions regarding our collaborations.

Tim Beavers
President and CEO

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