Your Fleet Media needs a new logo

Clearly, I think velhart has an exquisit eye for design. I chose him as the winner, after all!

The reason I am taking time to write a testimonial is because I was so impressed with several key things about the designer:

- Firstly, patience!! I must have requested 30 revisions, and every time the response was the same. 'That's fine', 'Happy to help', 'I want you to be 100% happy with the final design' etc etc.

- Secondly, punctual. Each time I asked for a revision, I would see the response within 24 hours. Often, within 2! Very important with these short competitions.

- Thirdly, attention to detail. Every one of my directions were noted and I never had to repeat myself.

Ten out of Ten. And I highly recommend!


Review by tbutts50
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