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Well what can I say about Pepper... In all my years of doing Project Management he has been hands down the most professional, polite, and enjoyable to work with. His designs from the beginning were spot on with my creative, from there we communicated over and over which made the process go much smoother. Everytime a new design was submitted, it was just closer and closer to the end result. My clients are absolutely RAVING about his designs, are more than happy, ecstatic would be an understatement about their new logo. Their exact words were "It's so much more than we ever anticipated, you called it from day 1" What that last little comment was about, was that I researched Graphic Designers on here before I even listed and told them I have a feeling about this guy Pepper, I'm gonna invite him to the contest, and I'll bet you he wins! Sure enough, guess who won, lol... I would highly recommend him to anyone, I already have more work for him and will be recommending him to all of my clients and personal friends who will be requiring graphic design work. If you want someone who is eccentric about their work, professional, polite, and will far exceed your expectations invite him into your contest. This is coming from someone who has done Sr. Project Management for over 10 years and works at one of the largest media companies in the world.

Thanks Again Pepper

Review by Dzine LTD.
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