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Apployees Additional Poses and Artwork

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I have had the great pleasure of working on a very large project with Cip. He is an outstanding artist and professional. He not only absorbs all the requirements, but goes beyond by unleashing his creativity and opening up ideas that you will never have imagined.

His work shows high creativity, hard work and diligence. He has a consistent style and will adopt his style to whatever your needs are. I came to Cip with a limited sample of what I want, and he used the same style and colour to give life to an entire branding scheme for my business. That was just unbelievable.

Cip produced over 50 illustrations for my project and I was just surprised every time he delivered each one. There was so much taste, colour and style that I could not stop boasting about it to my family and friends!

I am really glad I got to work with Cip, and I know for sure he will do well for himself. I know for sure I will be ask him for more projects in the future. Highly recommended.

Good work Cip and best of luck on everything!

- Atif

Review by atifali

almost 3 years ago

Invite to work