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This was my third contract (I’m beginning to lose count as we added more projects within the projects). First one was pretty straight-forward of a landing page, and 2ché just nailed it right out the park. After the second project it has become ongoing. Mentioning this only because it takes a long time finding designers that you can consider part of your team when it comes to being consistent with your brand. If hired for one-time task, 2ché is excellent with direction and communication. And for long-term projects he will “WOW” you with his professionalism and generosity. How so? He doesn’t disappear when you are a client. He is always available and keep the lines of communication open. He goes beyond the scope of the work making you feel special. At moments I felt as though “he is too go to be true” with having dealt with past freelancers that will dazzle you to get the work and leave you soon after as you don’t matter (including trying to squeeze every penny out of you). This is not the case with 2ché . He will make October feel like Christmas with his generosity. His most important skill set is his attention to detail of bringing about your vision. No worries once you have agreed on a gameplan and a course of action. And even when you are still figuring it out, 2ché is patient with you and makes changes to make sure it’s exactly as you want it. I strongly recommend him.

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