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Great minimalist, simplistic designer! At first his designs looked a bit simplistic compared to other more complex designs I received, but I noticed that hantoko's designs were more rememberables. I just kept coming back to them because they had something that hooked me up.

Then I liked other designs personally, but his logo looked so good and fresh that I just couldn't ignore them, so I ran a paid survey in Pickfu targeting my product's demographics and had 100 people proving feedback on hantoko's logo against my personal favorite, and hantoko's took 75% of the votes. People's feedback was overwhelmingly positive for his work.

Now I'm very happy with the choice we made, and feel we were so close to make a bad decision if we didn't choose him.

After he won he designed our social media covers and I don't think anyone would have done a better job. Honestly. If you don't believe me take a look at the social media accounts of in a few weeks and you'll see what I'm talking about.

My recommendation when you work with hantoko:
1) pay attention to details, his designs look simplistic but they are not. Remember that Steve jobs used to say that the hardest work was making things look simple. That's what you see in hantoko's work, simplistic complexity.

2) Design for your target customers, not for you. This is a big lesson I take away from this competition. I wanted something that looked overly designed (because I was paying for it) but that is not what my target customers liked the most. They expect something that looks good and inspire trust to THEM!

3) Don't get anxious if he doesn't provide long answers. He understood the scope and is working on it. He's just not a talker. He's a doer, and his updated designs will demonstrate that.

So, those are my two cents. I will definitively hired him again. My best experience in 99D so far.

Feel free to contact me if have any other question.


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