Create rustic earthy logo to attract women who want to grow and start a new business

I see why aquamarine d e s i g n is almost a 5 star designer and is at Mid-level. She takes direction well and her communication is awesome, she is open to constructive criticism. I am not one of the easiest people to work with and she was able to deliver something that satisfies my company needs. She does have a very distinct style so check if what you are envisioning is related to what is on her portfolio, I personally did like her design immediately before anyone else. Aquamarine d e s i g n was extremely responsive throughout the entire process ...she works diligently...and she tried to stretch past her limits for me. I appreciate and enjoyed this process. I would recommend her she will make sure she does all she can to see to it that you're happy. Great customer service.

Review by abrianarobinson
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