design a modern/sleek website for fine artist

Frustrating if you are an English speaker. My website is absolute crap. If you try to edit it on your own, you will need to be a professional web editor. It speaks a language/code I have no expertise in. Basically, I have a half-assed finished website I can't edit due to steep expertise skill gap I possess. RaakanNibras responded quickly to his credit, but you will need to walk with his hand in yours 100% of the way. He cannot execute without surgical-precision type instructions. Even then, you'll have to undue several inputs for every one input you request. I tried to get my money back, they offered 400$ back on the 1100 I payed. I decided the loss I could recoup if I spent some time editing the website. Surprise! I can't edit it. I spent weeks with this process and I have an unusuable product.
Several of the key designs I liked Raakan built were not included as attachments. Of the ones he did include, he put them as .EPS documents that will require Photoshop to open. That in of itself is another level of expertise you will need to edit the products.
99 Designs help desk, or whatever you want to call it, did not help at all. They literally told me they couldn't do the simple edits I requested and offered me the 400$ refund. What a joke.

Review by Artist | Marine

about 2 years ago

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