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This was my first experience with 99designs, and while it was a very educational experience, I am overall very happy with the results. TecMed was a late-comer to my contest, but I am very happy that he entered a design on one of the last days. One tip to 99designs newbies...try to get as many different designers looking at your project as possible. You can immediately see which designers have the skill and attention to detail that you are looking for. Relative to many of the other designers, I could immediately tell that TecMed had more skill and attention to detail. Since I had not done a logo contest before, it was nice that TecMed had a lot of patience with me as I worked towards a logo that I really liked rather than settle with one that was only ok. I was very pleased with the process, as I am with the final result. I would highly recommend working with TecMed!

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