Motorcycle Rider with Vintage Appeal: Karmakaze Moto

I provided ample detail to begin the contest, followed by numerous comments and suggestions for alterations. From the first submission I could tell that citra1988 really read and thought about my requests and had looked at my supplied documents. That attention to detail carried on into our conversations. Citra1988 communicated well, followed instructions, was lighting fast, and overall just a pleasure to work with. The resulting files were also well organized. I've worked with many designers over the years, to include my own staff, and this has been one of the best project experiences I've ever had. The only thing missing was a face-to-face the local cafe for brainstorming. But you know, at the end of the day the most important thing is to just get the job done right. Thanks citra1988! 🏆

Review by jmatley

almost 2 years ago

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