Canine Combatives logo needed, must be epic, timeless and unforgettable

When I began my contest on 99 designs it was after working with several graphic designers in the US, I spent months trying to achieve my vision and it just wasn't happening, I learned that having some ability with computer software does not make one an artist.
So I tried 99 designs on the suggestion of a friend and the concept seemed foolproof, certainly among this pool of talent I would achieve success right?
Not so simple.....
As the deadline for my contest loomed I was growing more and more discouraged and the changes I was requesting weren't really changing anything, I had roughly 15 designers who had already submitted ten or more revisions and none were even in the ballpark. Abu showed up in the 11th hour with his first submission and blew the field out of the water, it was obvious his skill and talent was simply on another level from all other participants, by the first revision we had achieved my vision and there was nothing left to do but a little fine tuning.
I will continue to work with Abu one on one for all future projects and recommend anyone I know to do the same, he is an anomaly in a very crowded field that is graphic design, I cannot overstate what he did for me by bringing my vision to life........

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