3 words. Passionate, resilient and talented.

Working with Milos was my first real experience on 99 designs, and given it was his first real contest it was a match of first timers. I had very high expectations and he had to prove himself as a newbie.

I took painstaking time to write my brief even to sketch it out, nevertheless most designers who send their designers didnt capture my instructions except Milos. Milos delivered immediately and worked with me with prompt communication to refine to the final image.

He took my instructions and put his own creative spin on it. Even at the end when there was a bit of a mishap he was quick and diligent to correct them.

Overall working with Milos was a great first time experience on 99 designs, as long as he keeps up this level of professionalism he should be a force to reckon with soon.

Review by anonymous client

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