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So I came into this as a former (as of last month) Brand and Design Consultant in New York City. I mention that to say I KNOW designers. I have literally worked side by side with NYC designers for almost a decade, and I have NEVER had as good of an experience as I have had working with Yacob over the past week. Beyond being exceptionally talented and creating really imaginative, excellent work, he is simply a wonderful HUMAN to be in this process with. He was so engaged from the very beginning - actually read all the materials I posted in the brief (it was obvious most didn't), and continued to engage with me every day in an exchange of ideas. He brought so much great energy to the project, and was both full of his own ideas and super excited to hear mine. I also never - not ONE TIME - was made to feel bad because I wanted a change, edit, new direction, etc. He was just as committed as me to the perfect final product. Maybe NYC designers are just getting jaded, but I've honestly never had a designer be so open and amenable. I really feel like he has been my partner in the creation of this brand, not just someone executing and idea and going his merry way. I rarely write reviews, but this time I had to. I will ABSOLUTELY be working with Yacob again!

Review by colleen C

almost 6 years ago

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