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Creat a Lasting pack design for Corn Buff

The contest start well very slow where I can say dead contest where in the first 2 days I didn't receive any design
from designers messages I understood that all want the contest to be blind so they can submit their design without competitors to see and copy
I agree with them on this request but it was too late where only 1 day left to have the final designs to select from
What went wrong is that designers didn't understand well what required and they revert late to ask for clarification, but I say who asked first had the good chance to work and submit exactly or close to what is required

I recommend that 99D do work on the blind contest to secure designers efforts as well to encourage more designers to participate and submit their work enough time to customer to comment and amend or correct when required.... this will make the contest life for designers as well customer to interfere with designers more and work all as one team to have the best out of all and speed the process to finish

it is good chance for all to meet in 99D but it should also have more privacy for both customer and designers where this the role of 99D to work hard to implement it ... after the contest is over no problem to show all designers work along with winner design so other customers can have also idea about the work and get encouraged to participate

thanks for reading and how to see these comments took place in near future

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