Adult Beverage Supplies company looking for creative logo as the face of our company

We are a new company and were needing a logo that would represent our business in a way that would create a favorable impression and draw people to our website. We also wanted to be able to take parts of the logo to use on packaging, so basically a graphic within the logo. We tried another site first and couldn't get what we wanted, so we ran the contest on 99 Designs. One of the designers was "A-Designs". Out of all the designers we worked with, A-Designs was by far the best. He responded quickly, was willing to not only make changes but kept sending us revisions that he thought of as we tweaked the logo to be exactly what we wanted. He really took ownership of the process. When it was all done we got exactly what we wanted. His degree of workability and willingness to keep modifying was amazing to see. I'm convinced that with any other designer we would have settled for less. If you're business is just getting started, or your current logo isn't really what you want, and you need a logo designer that is very workable and has excellent ideas to make your vision a reality, try A-Designs. We'll continue to use them for our logo needs.

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over 1 year ago

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