Optimistic Drunk multiple covers

Working with Rocio has been an absolute delight from the very start. She took my brief and dove in head-first. She wasn't afraid to take a chance with a design that was unconventional, but that embodied exactly what I was asking for: an image that would evoke an emotional response from the viewer. Each time I asked for an adjustment (just to see how different treatements, colors or fonts would translate) she was quick to comply. (I'll add that virtually every time, her initial treatment was the best.)

If you are looking for a true artist, a consummate professional, and a designer who is flexible enough to encourage your input yet with a strong enough voice to stand firmly on her own knowledge and skills, I cannot recommend Rocio Martin Osuna highly enough. She is phenomenal! I will work with her again, and would recommend her for any project in a heartbeat.

Review by theoptimisticdrunk
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