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Social Media Cover Pages & Icons derived fr. Logo

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Nec-Tar did a great job in expanding our prior "Logo and Hosted Website" project onto several "social media" platforms. But, rather than 99design's "Social Media pack," this was an add on--and far from insignificant. In doing so we created continuity between the two projects, in two phases... ...great! First, we developed Favicons (i.e. icons or those little circles/squares). Of course, this needed to be derived from our prior project's Logo (a large rectangle). Who would be better to do that? Nec-Tar! I then provided a small set of pictures. Not many, but just enough to get going. A series of collages (multi-picture banners) were developed. Along with the Favicons, we could then use them--as necessary--within the social media (i.e. in banners, cover photos, etc.). In short, my pictures were seemingly extended--in combinations. Note: the specifications also changed a little over time (optimized pixels per the SM hosts). But Nec-Tar was diligent and made the changes. In short, I would recommend Nec-Tar without hesitation for any project.

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