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Hello to everyone reading this, I hope all is well with you. I want to give a review on my experience working with 99 Designs and the exceptionally talented designers I have encountered during my experience...I knew I wanted a design for my business and I figured finding a designer was going to be default. Google, being one of my most used tools, I googled Logo designers, one of the 1st one to pop up was 99 Design, but guess what?... I looked at it; got excited; but continued to look at sites down the list. Nothing measured up to 99 designs. The offer of 100% money back guarantee stood out in my mind at the time, so I came back and I'm happy I choose them. Now so much more stands out. The site is easy to navigate (if you pay attention), I didn't have the money for the gold package so I went with the bronze, with expectations of one or two designers being willing to MAYBE working with me. Imagine my surprise when I signed back on to find that there were 2 then 7 then 17 designers willing to work with me on my little project, but guess with! It didn't end there, by the end of my contest there were 24 different designers working on my project, with over 80 designs for me to choose from... If I have to say it more plainly and what I'm writing is not conveying it properly. I was beyond excited to see with I had before me. In no way am I exaggerating when I say it was SO hard for me to choose. As the kids today would write "smh". What a wonderful problem to have. Everyone brought what I say is their "A" game. Everyone was patient and made the changes I asked for without delay. I may have took a while to make up my mind but when I did everyone was so professional. Huh! Just lovely, Namely the designer I worked with the most UnMe. UnMe seemed to have known what I wanted before I told her. My goodness! isn't that what we ask for when getting a service?... Someone that is proactive and enthusiastic, if we're being truthful, we don't alway get the best customer care. When paying for a service its more like you asking a stranger for a favor, maybe they'll get around to it today lol. I absolutely hope UnME will be willing to work with me again. She made this a wonderful experience, Everyone did all around. I feel as if I'm beginning to repeat myself. A++ for everyone and everything to do with this site. The End

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