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This was an absolutely outstanding experience. Let me give you a pretty fair assessment of Magical Artwork and what our group felt we got.

1. Communication - M.A. is on the ball. They are one of the most responsive designers that we dealt with on the network here, and you're almost assured to get some form of a response. In our case I don't think we went 15 minutes at any time of the day without getting a response, or being able to communicate with them. Again - this is OUTSTANDING!!!

2. Service - 5* doesn't do M.A. justice. Service level is out of this world. They went above and beyond - way beyond to make sure what we got, was what we wanted - EXACTLY, and that we were satisfied with each revision.

3. Revisions and different work submitted: We weren't sure as a group what we wanted exactly, so we really relied on the artists to provide us different visions of what was possible. This is where M.A. stepped up their game to the next level. No one matched them on the amount of high-quality submissions they were making. I believe they truly want to earn your business which is unheard of these days. Submissions were great and we finally settled on one that we had them tweak a few times to our liking.

4. The extra's: Immediately at the end once we made our decision - everything came quick once release was signed and not only did we get what we asked for, I felt we got more and a few different variations. Tremendous credit. We were already a highly satisfied customer - this just put it over the top.

If you have any reservations about doing business or having a design or work done by Magical Artwork - don't. They are dependable, trustworthy, responsive, and probably one of the most important points I didn't mention but will now - they are friendly.

Great job - next time we will skip competitions and deal with them directly, no questions asked. It's just well worth the time now we know what we've got.

Joe / Athleet.

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