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Communication was really poor with Ana. My contest only ran for a short 7 days and during that period, she did not communicate with me that she's going 'travelling' after deciding to participate in my contest. She just disappeared.

By the time she responded, it was in the final hours of the Final Round. When she finally gave me some designs, it was an eliminated design and other really poor ones that weren't inline with any of my feedback.

I picked her as a winner because I fell in love with her watercolour design style right from the start and I needed the files.

Ana was very responsive in the first 2 days. I thought she interpreted the bulk of my brief correctly and I had high hopes of awarding her. When it came to the last hour before the Final Round ends, she withdrew all the designs I was still considering! I had to convince her to bring them back as I was going to award her.

Handing over the final files were a pain too. The work given were unpolished and I had to do the bulk of editing myself!

This is my first experience with contest and it is nerve wrecking to be left in the dark with the designer you liked. Throughout the entire process, Ana did not ask me any questions of what I wanted in my design, which made it difficult for me to see what I wanted in the final designs. The work just got poorer and poorer. In the end I had to get her to send me the files and do my own editing. Not communicating with me on updates of her involvement and not responding to my feedback, is just not acceptable for a platinum designer.

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