Working with Designer Sujeewa, I received professional collaboration on my design. He really listened to my design brief, and his first design out of the box was so close a match, it could easily have marketed itself as a book cover.

However, as an artist myself, I had a very specific idea of how I wanted my main character to be depicted on the cover, and I outlined for Sujeewa, specifications for achieving the desired finish. He was patient throughout all my revisions, even asking for more details on accomplishing the design I wanted.

As he does 3-D modelling of characters, it was the perfect medium for me -- he was able to set the scene exactly as I illustrated and described, to express my character's personality, as well as create the exact backdrop and details from her century -- creating a cover that would have been hard to produce simply by sourcing stock images of modern people and places.

I highly recommend Sujeewa to anyone wanting a book cover concept which might ordinarily be a bit outside the range of many designers' experience. As for my project, he was very resourceful at crafting for my book cover, a portrait reflecting my character's cultural background, her vintage attire, the direction of lighting and other key elements of the setting -- all of which helped bring my character's scene to life!

Review by anonymous client

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