Another Strip Mall Reconfiguration

This is the second project we have done with this designer. He is very good at executing the images I have in my head, and introducing modest design 'pops' to add enhancements. It's helpful to provide images with styles you're going for. It's also helpful to give him as much information as you can up front because he prefers to maximize each exchange, and is very able to do so if you don't drizzle him with little snippets of feedback. Comprehensive, detailed design direction helps him enormously and is much preferred to giving him your gut reaction in comments that trickle in. Wait a day to respond with all modifications rather than giving him a bit at a time. He is very quick to produce, almost too quick if that's possible. So don't respond to an edit until you can express every aspect of the image you'd like changed.

In sum, this designer can magically put what you have in your head into a professional rendering. I appreciate his talents and am happy to have found him.

Review by rachvictoria

over 4 years ago

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