Logo for a new company (let's improve traffic in large cities)

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When I selected 99design I expected as per their own expectation setting several top designers. Reality was that hardly any top top designer seems to be willing to compete in this environment. Communication is difficult using the platform and language barriers make it even harder. 99design obviously protects their business by keeping everything on this platform - which is insufficient for effective communication. Their consultant provided bad advice as well when I first started, which set everything up the wrong way.

Would I recommend 99design? Absolutely not.

This is not a reflection of the designers on here but the way this platform works, the lack of support when things don't go well, the communication or lack thereof, the deliverables and the sign off process. E.g. 99design decided to just sign off the website development instead of letting me confirm that the website was done and finished. Why? I have no idea as they don't communicate.

Overall I spend $2000+ for really only a logo I am not that happy with.

I def. will find a local designer next time and work him her/him on a design. 99design will not get any more business from me or any recommendation - as a matter of fact I will let any potential candidate I come across know about the issues I experienced.

Good luck if you have decided to go with 99design.

Review by axel_schneider

almost 4 years ago

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