Loved the logo and my designer, George d, was very patient and professional throughout. But I was disappointed in the duller colours in the CMYK print version. Expected a bit ofe difference between RGB online version and CMYK but not as much as there was. Might have chosen less bright colours had I known earlier. 99designs support was also hit and miss at times, especially at the start of the contest when I couldn't get a response over the weekend and later toward the end of the contest when I was stressed about the colour differences in final files and seeking advice before time ran out. Stressful process. Didn't expect that, especially when was such a big investment for me (haven't worked for years due to serious health issues). Not sure I'll even want to use the logo in print which is a shame as both the designer and I put so much time and effort into the process. You also need to make it clear from the start that timelines can be extended (would have averted a lot of distress) and that entry-level contests can invite top-level designers. I would not have paid extra to highlight contest had I known that - I did it out of panic as wasn't receiving many entries, let alone quality, at the outset. The contest interface is confusing too - needs a user experience expert to streamline. Too many different levels and places from different links (eg messages, designers).

Review by anonymous client

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