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New, local, Christian community church seeks creative, substantive logo.

I have worked with 99 Designs in the past and have always been amazed at the amount of work we receive from the designers. Phenomenal. This logo design was no different.

Jani Tavanxhi worked with me from beginning to end. He was articulate, detail oriented and patient. Our final design was fantastic. The development of the design was not easy. I worked with over 160 designs and probably 30 plus designers. No one could seem to hit the mark but Jani. When others dropped out Jani stayed in the game. I completely trust him in all designs. I will use him again and look forward to working with him again.

During the design process if you are engaged, you end up spending a lot of time with your designers. This design was no exception. I feel a bit of a loss every time I do this as I don't get to talk with my new friend regularly. I consider Jani a friend, confidant and co-worker.

Do you need a great design and someone to stand with you during the process? Take a close look at Jani. I know you will be glad you did! With high praise, and admiration for your giftedness, I thank you Yani for helping me define my design and put it to print. We will be talking soon.

Your friend and partner,
David DeCan

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