Create a logo for Big Event Décor, a company that makes large gift bows and wedding pew bows

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Rakela was an absolute pleasure to work with.

The text she used for her initial concept was the company name written in elegant ribbon.

My team almost overlooked it because it was simple. After a closer examination, we saw that while her design was simple it was also perfect in terms graphic design (the style and texture of the text itself). Understated elegance, one might say.

We also took note that in addition to having won nearly as many contests as the platinum designers she was up against, she was awarded runner-up for over 100 contests (where her platinum counterparts had far less). This told us that her work was so good people were willing to pay extra to have her design too. It also told us that even if her design wasn't the best in the contest, she was so talented and worked so hard that they wanted to work with her in the future.

We advanced her to the second round.

We explained to all contestants that we then needed them to expand on their basic designs. Many chose the name and/or flagship product to represent the company, as we didn't \ initially specify what we wanted (because we didn't really know).

We figured out that we wanted the logo to give the immediate impression of a big event. Our company, Big Event Décor, provides decorations (large gift bows, wedding pew bows, ribbon, isles runners, awareness ribbons, etc.) for any and all big events.

This was a challenging task. We were essentially saying: We do, and will do, everything related to big events. Make us feel that when we see it.

Rakela was the only one who was able to do this successfully. Others attempted, but didn't really come close to the impressive expansions she made on her original design. She used fun and and well placed confetti, and symbols that represent big events, such balloons, wine glasses, cake, and a gift bow with a ribbon on it.

Rakela also produced many variations of the design so that we could pick what elements of each one we liked. She then created a finalized version based on our feedback. We asked her for at least a dozen modifications to get it just right, and she did each one eagerly and quickly.

She was, without a doubt, the hardest worker in the entire contest.

She was also, without a doubt, the best designer in the contest.

We can highly recommend her for future work. She is not only a superior designer, but is also capable of reading a brief and thinking about it critically so that she can make the impression you need your design to have shine through.

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over 5 years ago

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