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Design a beautiful DVD cover and on-disc artwork

Phil2076 ran a product packaging contest — Custom package.


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Paintbox Art Media Ltd

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Produce intsructional art DVDs

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Art & Design

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We require artwork designing for a set of 2 instructional DVDs. The artwork will need to be delivered in print-ready format.

Specifically, we need:

- Sleeve artwork
- On-disc artwork x 2 (can be idential other than 'Disc 1' and 'Disc 2').
- We also need a digital graphic creating for the background of DVD menu, which we'll use when authoring the DVDs

Printer's spec for the print-ready artwork is attached and the DVD menu graphic should be a png 1920 x 1080px.

A full spec (with DVD title, description and other bits and pieces that needs to appear on the cover) is attached. HOWEVER, it's the main design we're insterested in and we don't expect you to add all the bits on at this stage (only if/when the contest is awared).

I've attached some screenshots from the images produced in the DVD. Feel free to use any of these in the design.