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Create the next product packaging for Baby Be Mine LLC


Maternity clothing manufacturer

Background information

Organization name

Baby Be Mine LLC

Description of the organization and its target audience

Maternity clothing manufacturer



Content details


Custom packaging for Maternity and Postpartum Disposable underwear for use before and after the birth of your baby

5 Pairs
front of packaging should be very feminine and have nice graphics, we would love a catchy saying.

dont be afriad to use bullet points.

here are some pointers we would like in the text, please rememebr this is front and back and you can play with the text to sound catchy

this underwear can be washed up to 20 times, machine wash warm
Specially designed to keep your pads securely in place
Strong super-soft fabric
no messy underwear to bring home and wash, conveninece - use it and lose it. the heaviest of flows is after giving birth which can last 1-6 weeks and sometimes use of more than 1 pad is needed. designed with comfort in mind, fantastic for c-section mommies as they are soft and breathable will hold even the biggest of pad/s.
can holding cooling pads.
Avoid ruining regular panties

96%polyester and 4% spandex.

white underwear with pink trim - see picture

printable area 16x20cm each side
made in china



please ask questions - we will happily answer anything you need.
we want a fresh clean look - no dark colors - flowers are ok but please keep emphasis on hygiene, convenience and femeninity