Winning design by kadjman2

How to Rob Your Bank - Book Cover

Rate Hammer picked a winning design in their print or packaging design contest. For just $211 they received 72 designs from 26 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


How to Rob Your Bank - Book Cover


Need a design for my first book.

Background information


25-50 year olds. I know it is a big demographic. Each chapter starts with a story to illustrate a point and then I get into the specifics of what to do, or in some cases not to do. The book is really for people who do not like to read. It is short, only 6500 words and I intentionally attemptted to keep the writing simple and to the point. This is a book for people who do not like to read.

Brand Name

Brief Summary

I have written this book to educate people on how banks work and given them a step by step guide to help them get the best possible deal from their bank. The title sounds scammy -but it is not. All the material comes from my personal experience working in the financial industry for the past 5 years. In the book I reveal the biases Bankers and Brokers have and how it impacts their advice.

Content details


I need a cover for the book. The book will be sold as an E-book at first and eventually as a print book in September. Ideally the design should work well with the online format, but it would be nice if it translates well into a tradional cover. Please look to the following book covers for inspiration: 4 hour work week - Tim Ferriss I will teach you to be rich - Ramit Sethi Crush it - Gary Vaynerchuk. I promise to give prompt feedback as I am really excited to get this cover done so I can begin selling my book. -the book is already completed and I am waiting on the final draft from my editor. My favorite colors are: Blue, Purple and Silver. - If these can be impemented that would be great, but I am open to any design that I look forward to seeing your designs. :)