Raw Athletics picked a winning design in their print & packaging design contest

For just $424 they received 86 designs from 8 designers.

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Label Design for Sports Equipment Cleaning Spray


Clean, sharp, fresh & athletic-looking label for sports equipment deodorizing spray based on all-natural active ingredients

Background information


Vapor Fresh is currently being used by a number of collegiate and professional ice hockey, football, lacrosse and soccer programs. Raw Athletics will be focusing on the collegiate and professional markets as well as the consumer and high school sports market. The 16oz bottle will be more for consumers, and the 32oz industrial sized bottles will be more focused on the collegiate and professional customers, but the label design should be the same for each. Because we are focusing on athletes and athletic organizations, we would like the label to attract those individuals. The label you design should be clear and sharp. It should also contain a bit of the same style as other athletic companies -- such as Adidas, Nike and Under Armour -- but at the same time unique. Stylish but not too flashy.

Brand Name

Vapor Fresh -- Sports equipment cleaning and deodorizing spray based on all-natural active ingredients

Brief Summary

Raw Athletics, LLC is dedicated to developing a line of sports consumer products. Raw Athletics' first product is a sports equipment cleaning and deodorizing spray based on all-natural active ingredients, called Vapor Fresh. Vapor Fresh comes in a 16oz and a 32oz trigger sprayer bottle. Vapor Fresh is currently being used by a number of high-profile collegiate and professional sports programs, and Raw Athletics is in the process of scaling up production to meet market demand. This project is to develop a new front & back label for Vapor Fresh.

Content details


The bottles are not the same color -- the 16oz is a clear blue plastic, the 32oz is solid white. The labels should be very similar, if not exact. You should be able to tell that the they are identical except for their size. Front & back labels needed. See the attached picture of the bottles. Trigger sprayers have not been chosen yet -- this gives you freedom to choose any color sprayer to go with your design. We would like the label to be clear sharp & sporty. It should look like it's meant to be in a locker room. What we need on the label: Vapor Fresh (R) Play Hard. Finish Fresh. Sports equipment cleaning and deodorizing spray Original Scent "32 FL OZ (1 QT) 946 ml" --OR-- "16 FL OZ (.5 QT) 473 ml" UPC Code No animal testing Please recycle "Warnings: Please keep out of the reach of children. Do not spray into eyes or mouth. Not intended for clothes." "Ingredients: Water, proprietary blend of essential oils, nonionic emulsifier, tocopherols, preservative (less than 0.1%)" "Directions: Shake well before use. Set nozzle to the "spray" setting and spray equipment until slightly damp on all sides. Allow equipment to dry completely before next use. Questions or Comments? Please visit Mfg. for Raw Athletics, LLC Somerset, NJ 08873 (C) 2010 Made in USA You can include the Raw Athletics logo if you want to, but not necessary

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