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Contest title


Label Design For New Health Supplement


Simulant Free Weight Loss Detox

Background information


My target audience is a female ages 40 to 70, typically over weight and looking to slim down.

Brand Name

Simply Natural, PuraLean

Brief Summary

We are a health supplement company that makes natural supplements with no stimulants. PuraLean is an incredible weight loss cleanse supplement and I have never been more existed about brining a product to market. The most important ingredent in PuraLean is called LuraLean and it can absorb up to 200 times is weight in water creating a viscous fiber in your stumack and telling your brain that you are full.

Content details


I am looking for a creative label design for my new product PuraLean. Attached you will find: - Labels for my other products(CLA Ultimate and Pure CoQ10), please stick to similar colours. - Label Report from lawyer, This is instructions from the lawyer about what to put on the label -PuraLean SF- this is the supplements facts panel for the label in a word doc. For now focus on the primary display... Specifically the name PuralLean. This panel should read: [INSERT LOGO OR GRAPHIC HERE] PuraLean TM Weight Loss and Detox Supplement 60 Capsules