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Easter Bunny Letter and Envelope Illustration


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By tnichols
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Congratulations to the winner, Steel Strugglin!
Brief Overview
Our site, allows parents to create and download printable letters from the easter bunny for their children.
Brand Name

Target Audience
Parents of children
I need to have an easter bunny letter and envelope illustration designed to use on our site. Our letter generator allows parents to type their letter and then download and print it out. The Letter illustration should be 300dpi, Letter Size 8 1/2 x 11", CMYK, Vector. The letter should habe 3 different background gradient layers so I can make 3 versions of the same page (Blue, Pink, and Green). You can see my mockup pages I have attached as an example. The envelope illustration should be fairly simple, based on the letter design and 300dpi, #10 size 4 1/8 x 9 1/2" , CMYK, Vector. You should look site to see the look and feel I am after. I designed the site using istockphoto illustrations, but their licensing prevents me from using those images for print on demand. Looking for really fun and beautiful illustrations that would be good for kids. Should have the obvious Easter items (colored eggs, easter bunny etc) and should have white space on the interior of the page where the generated text will be placed by our script.
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