Winning design by Antea Pask

Corporate Brochure - B2B, Technical

ChicagoEngineer picked a winning design in their print or packaging design contest. For just $1,139 they received 102 designs from 25 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Corporate Brochure - B2B, Technical


Brochure for a Technology Company

Background information

Brand Name

DMC, Inc.

Content details


1. Must look very professional - needs to convey an image of a company that someone can trust with a million dollar project
2. Must be technical yet not too techie
3. Clean - white space is good
4. Must be complimentary to our web site - it probably won't be an exact duplicate but should have kinda-sorta the same look and feel
5. Royalty Stock photos from the inexpensive sites (shutterstock, istockphoto, etc) with all rights assigned to DMC - can use any of the images from our existing site as we have all of the rights to them.
6. An easily editable format that we can modify as we see fit.
7. Ideally this would be created in MS Publisher format - if not, please specify which program you will deliver the project in.
8. Would defintiely appreciate any changes to copy
The layout of the brochure is as below. Again, reference…ctures.pdf ):
(Feel free to deviate from this if you feel it will improve the piece)
Cover - want some sort of clean, techie-type background & just company name & the tagline "Providing Effective & Reliable Solutions"
Page 2 (inside front cover) - image or images for each of the three technology areas.
Page 3 - Company overview page - maybe a shot or array of photos for the city of Chicago or maybe a photo array of technologies or maybe a photos of people or maybe something else altogether
Pages 4-5 (centerspread) - right now considering 4 columns:
1. Just a general overview, kind of tying our expertise together: Indusrtries, technologies, processes. Also - want a graphic created for Project Development Lifecycle (probably circular)
2. Manufacturing Automation & Intelligence - maybe some photos above that are related to this
3. Test & Measurement Automation - again, with some relevant photos
4. Custom Software Development - once again, with photos
Page 6 - our overall value proposition - maybe people for photos here - not quite sure what it would look like
Page 7 (inside back cover) - sort of wrap things up here, Maybe photos that represent each of our technology areas
Page 8 (back cover) - the graphic would ideally continue from front cover when piece is laid down flat. Not alot of text - just basic contact info.

Don't Wants

• A theme that pigeon holes us into one industry or technology
• Anything that is too "cartoonish"