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Book Cover - Happy Marriage Guide

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Book Cover - Happy Marriage Guide


Book for Young Christian Women About to Get Married

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This book is for Christian women that are engaged and about to be married. Age range is 18-25. These people are devoted to their faith, attend church regularly, and look to the Bible for answers to life's questions. They are conservative, but not ultra-conservative or fanatical.

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Book Title: The Marriage You've Always Dreamed Of... Book Sub-Title: The Marriage Preparation Guide for Young Christian Women Author Name: (coming soon) ABOUT US: We are a content creation company and work with various organizations to help them create books, audio books, and other similar material. We are always on the lookout for good graphic designers and if you do a good job for us, we will have more work for you. We are brand new to and looking forward to discovering some great talent here!

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CREATIVE INFO: We want imagery that conveys these words... - hope - christian - love - healthy relationship - togetherness/partnership The reader of this book is is about to be married and very excited. She is also a little scared and wants to know everything is going to be ok. The main "theme" is HAPPINESS. DO NOT use "overbearing" Christian themes, such as Jesus looking over a couple, a huge church, a cross, Jesus on the cross, etc. We're looking more for imagery that conveys emotion related to a HAPPY MARRIAGE, such as hope, love, togetherness, and security. PRINT INFO: Size: 5"x8" Resolution:300 dpi Color Space: CMYK LPI (lines per inch): 180 Preferred file format: PDF Bleed: 1/8” (3.2 mm) all sides NOTE: Once we approve final cover front, and get a version for inside portion of the book, we can do a layout, get exact page info, and calculate spine dimensions. At this time, we can supply you with a template. We will provide all back cover copy and ISBN information/graphic once front cover is approved.