New postcard or flyer wanted for Rhythmic Frog Internet Solutions

Grant51 picked a winning design in their postcard, flyer & print contest. For just $195 they received 25 designs from 8 designers.

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Runner-up design by VijayaDesign
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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


New postcard or flyer wanted for Rhythmic Frog Internet Solutions


We're a web design business specialising in mobile websites

Background information

Organization name

Rhythmic Frog Internet Solutions

Description of the organization and its target audience

We're a web design business specialising in mobile websites. We also do SEO, internet market and social marketing.



Content details


We need a double-sided DL size flyer to promote our mobile websites. The focus needs to be on the flexibility of a mobile website and the ever increasing number of smart phones and how customers are you using them to find businesses while they're out and about.

We'd like to have people in the graphics humanising the flyer.

This is our website: and we'd need to incorporate our logo on the front and the back of the flyer.

Our target market is small business so a professional feel is needed. However, we would love to see some really creative concepts.

Main points to be highlighted:

With 1 in 5 internet searches
being done on mobile devices,
how many customers are you
missing out on? It’s estimated
that by 2015 more searches will
be carried out on mobile devices
than will be done on desktop

Smart phones are almost everywhere
and their penetration is
increasing at a rapid rate. The
ability to share information easily
and quickly has put never before
power in the hands of your
customers. And you need to be
where your customers are.

79% of shoppers use mobile devices
to help research purchase
and 70% of shoppers use their
mobile device while shopping.
Doesn’t it make sense that your
business should be at your customers
finger tips when they’re
looking to buy?

We also want this bi-line included:

smart phones
and tablets
will dominate
in 2012 and

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